Your dream place in
the heart of Extremadura's ‘Desa’

Finca La Desa is designed for those who seek to disconnect from their routine through cuisine and rest in a unique place, immersed in nature and surrounded by historical places, considered World Heritage Sites, such as the city of Trujillo.

We are talking about a complex that offers a 360º experience by bringing together the best of Extremaduran cuisine, the best grill recipes, an exclusive nearby winery, room service based on the proximity of the guest, landscaped areas where you can enjoy excellent drinks and a ’boutique’ hotel where ‘comfort’ is guaranteed.

A place from which you will leave wanting to return and experience it again, as it has everything to come back for.

The origin and
the history of Desa

An escape from the city in search of that place where all your senses are activated. This is how the idea of ​​building La Desa arose. We wanted to create a magical space, that you want to visit either alone, as a couple or with a group of friends.

A space made up of several areas, where our different teams achieve excellence in each of the available experiences.

At Desa you will always be encouraged to enjoy your time, without looking at the clock. You just have to let us guide you, by what we know how to do best: ‘make you feel at home’. So, we invite you to discover what will become your ‘second home’.


Where does the name originate from?

La Desa means ‘La Dehesa’ and comes from extremeñu. A language recognized by the UN, lost, and that the people of Extremadura, little by little, want to recover.

Although it should be noted that, a century ago, according to experts in Extremaduran linguistics, the term ‘castúo’ was coined -to refer to the ‘language of Extremadura’- when the poet Luis Chamizo published his book El Miajón de los Castúos. Castúo refers to the caste, to that lineage of peasant people who have maintained their customs generation after generation and who used that language.

Your place to celebrate

La Desa has different types of facilities that allow you to organize different celebrations, according to your needs. Our team will adapt the space to the type of event you want to organize.

Our goal is to ‘make life easier’ for the guest. Therefore, we are open to listening to your needs and trying, as far as possible, to meet them.

Don’t hesitate to ask us, as we are sure that we can find the best way to organize whatever you desire.


The resort
The hotel
The bar
The lounge
The tasting table
The cellar
The terrace
The cocktail area
The event halls
The orchard
The sunsets